Which Disney Character was my RAOK (Random Act of Kindness – Again with the acronyms, Australia!)

This week the lovely Fenner Hall got a whole lot lovelier, what with each ressie getting the name of another ressie whom they had to anonymously shower with kindnesses. I’m not sure if I’ve ever described an atmosphere as ‘adorable’ until this week; people ended up not only giving gifts to their ROAK, but sharing with their friends in the spirit of RAOK week (as well as having the option to attend many wholesome activities, including movie nights and picnics).

The following blog will list the gifts left outside my door by my mystery RAOK, and will attempt to piece together who they would be if they were a Disney character…

I hope you enjoy!





A love of sharing tea, plus a motherly concern for homework overload?
Surely Mrs. Potts, together with Chip’s assistance, had something to do with this…


Then again, this desire to add a bit of spice to an everyday chore does sound rather Poppinsian, right? The delivery was rather swift too, and Lord knows that woman can make a quick getaway…




Hmm… it seems my RAOK has a tea obsession… although I doubt a certain Hatter would give up a cup of this magnitude…

(please don’t hate on my Paint skills. I am a fragile Alice)

But one cannot ignore the bird imagery, what with the Green Tea logo as well as the pretty little oragami version… clues perhaps?



Then, in my hour of need…



A beacon of goodwill as I ploughed into my weekend readings! Not only had I been craving chocolate all day, but the homemade packaging aligned me with my favourite Disney Princess!

(OK, easily the creepiest thing I have made for this blog thus far)

How had s/he known? Who would have respected both my deep love for chocolate…


…and Rapunzel…


So… is my RAOK Elsa or Anna, Rapunzel’s cousin? Or perhaps my previous guesses were correct? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow 😉

In the meantime, some heartwarming gifts from friends who did not need to give me anything at all ❤ :

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