Neverland – DownUnder Style

 So I was meant to write another Disneyfied Thailand story this week, but my creative time away from study and socialising was eaten up by the ’40 Hours of Film’ competition in Australian National University. Myself and the director wrote the script, and I also ‘acted’ in it briefly. 

Fortunately enough, I came up with the idea and it therefore had some very heavy Disney references (specifically Peter Pan ones), so it is appropriate to include the video here on this blog, despite it meaning I skip ahead to the Australian section of the blog for this week! (More on the wonders of Canberra in later weeks!)

The prompts for the film were are follows:
-Australian National Botanical Gardens
-Teddy Bear
-The phrase “Pop it, Lock it, _____ it”

I hope you enjoy the bizzare fruit of our efforts!


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