When Will I Sleep Again: My Workaway for a Female Monk (Phikkuni)

My friend Kiva and I spent our first three weeks in Thailand working for a Phikkuni with several other volunteers from all over the place. I’ve decided to use this post to give the lo-down on the chores we had to do for her and, naturally, I will be using a Tangled When Will My Life Begin format! I will be writing a proper story based on Tangled soon, involving Rapunzel travelling without Eugene… I’ve been having Long Distance Relationship woes and what better way to deal with them than through my favourite Disney movie? For now, a light-hearted sing-song.


The specific Workaway host in question:  https://www.workaway.info/971291863614-en.html

7am the usual morning line-up






Start with the chores and sweep ’til the floor’s all cleanb2      b4



Cook-up some food

c5 c c4




Feed dogs 

d3   d5



And mop and shine-up

e2   e3



Sweep again – and by then, it’s like 7.15!

f3 f2 f


And so we pick man-goes, for our Phikk-u-ni

g2  g4g7


We’ll add a few new paintings to our gall-er-y

i  i3i4  i5



Wa-ter the plants  

j4  j


Cut grass

k2 k



And shop for gro-cer-ies

l6   l2 l



Then wonder when will I sleep again
(because apparently it is not acceptable to do so during morning or evening meditation…)




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