About Walt’s Wanderer

Short Version:
This is a blog in which Walt’s Wanderer travels to Thailand, studies abroad and travels around Australia, and travels to New Zealand (UPDATE: & CHINA BEFOREHAND), gathering stories along the way and warping them into Disney stories. This will be accomplished in a variety of ways, from bringing Disney characters to the place she is writing in to transforming the country into a Disney setting, from continuing an already existing Disney story to changing the existing one to suit what she has experienced. She hopes all Disney fans out there will enjoy!

Long Version:
When the time came for Kate to go and tick off a major dream of hers, that being the taking the chance to study abroad for a term and travel more on either side of said term, she knew she had to document it in a way outside of the usual ways she documents her life (these being photographs and a very intense series of diaries).

She knew immediately that her special method of documentation would take the form of a blog, but the problem was what sort of blog. Kate aspires to write books in the near future, so over the past few summers she has created two WordPress alter-egos to write short stories and practice for said occasion (if you haven’t guessed already, writing a book will be Kate’s “new dream” after all of this travelling finishes up [also, if you haven’t guessed already, Kate’s favourite Disney movie is Tangled], but this blog would be a travel blog…. right?

But no. It didn’t feel quite right. Kate doesn’t read travel blogs. Kate sees the odd one when looking for something specific, sure, but when it comes to writing about her travels in her diary she is far more adsorbed in her own experiences in the places she travels to and the people who experience these things with her. In short, she is far more inclined to tell you a good story from the time she spent in a place than to recommend a list of good restaurants there.

Annnnd there’s another ‘But’. She already writes what really happened in her diary, both to help her remember of and deal with events in her life. How could she make this blog different? Her question was answered when she took a break from the essays that were screaming for completion… to tidy her bedroom which was screaming for tidiness. She was playing some YouTube videos in the background, ever the multi-tasker, and up popped a video from a YouTuber she hadn’t watched in awhile: simply_kenna.

Kate had originally subscribed to her because of her obsession with the prospect of working in Disneyland (Kenna had done that very thing), and it seemed that the Youtuber’s Disney uploads were kicking off once more (the subject matter over the months between Kate’s subscription and that day had mainly been about Kenna’s fashion and her life, which is great too!). The video, one in which Kenna answered Disney-related questions, hammered home the exact subject matter Kate was looking for blogwise.

Disney lights Kate’s fire, and she is so excited to bring all of her favourite characters on her journey. Each week she will upload a post based on what happened in the week (ok that won’t be true for the first few weeks since she’ll be playing catch-up, talking about Thailand while she is in fact entering her third week of college in Australian National University) but putting a Disneyfied spin on it. Each story will capture the emotions and/ or people and/ or places about which/ whom Kate is writing, but instead of having Kate at the forefront she will be telling stories through Disney characters and sometimes Disney locations. Some stories will capture the ‘true’ story quite accurately, some will bear only a hint of it, but Kate promises that she will take her role as Walt’s Wanderer very seriously and hopes every Disney Dreamer will enjoy.


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