The Second Storey

My fourth creative writing assignment could not help but situate itself in the Disney Store, so I said I'd post it here! The prompt was to choose someone from a magazine and write about them being in conflict with someone else... I apparently ended up choosing a picture of Marcel Somerville from this year's Love Island,... Continue Reading →

Lady and the Tramp’s Hutong Holiday

So this is my final China blog, honing in on the beautiful hutongs James and I spent some time in during our week in Beijing. Hutongs are gorgeous walled villages which were first built in the Yuan dynasties, some being expanded and preserved in later years to preserve Chinese history. They reminded me a lot... Continue Reading →

Lilo and Dragonturtle

This blog post is inspired by myself and James' day out to the Forbidden City (travel tips just before the story begins), but more specifically by a critter we found there. This little fellow was what can only be called a DRAGONTURTLE, big ol' shell with a badass head and tail poking out either end.... Continue Reading →

A Non-Rollercoaster Guide to Shanghai Disneyland (as brought to you by innocent tourists who were temporarily shrunken by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland maze)

Naturally, the first Touristy Spot myself and my boyfriend ventured to upon meeting one another in Shanghai was its brand new Disneyland - a baby of just about a year old (coincidentally around the same amount of time James and I have been together 😉 ). James hadn't been to Disneyland in years, and even... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Canberra

So my last day in Canberra was bizarrely moviesque... have you ever had one of those days with such an uncanny symmetry or pattern to it that it feels it must have been playing off a script? I'll do a wee summary here, showing the symmetry via the emotions of the day:  Sad lil Walt's... Continue Reading →

Disney Couples go Long-Distance

So over the past half-year I've gotten a wee taster of what it's like to be in a Long-Distance Relationship. Of course, I cannot claim to know all the troubles that go along with more permanent LDRs, but from hanging out with other exchange kids attending Australian National University I've gotten a fair idea of... Continue Reading →

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